Laissez vibrer tie

Is there a way to make the Laissez vibrer tie appear bigger(/longer)? It’s so small it’s bearly noticable.


Yes. Engraving Options—Ties. There’s a place for Lv length.

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I found it, thank you. It didn’t appear when I typed it in the search bar though…would have been easier :smiley:

You are right. If you look for “Laissez” or “Laissez vibrer” nothing shows up, but there is a subsection (which is not an Advanced Options section) called Laissez vibrer ties. It should appear in a search when you type laissez or l.v., that’s probably something the team already has on the backlog.

Marc, you came to my rescue on this same issue back in April, and I observed then the problem that it doesn’t show up in the search.

There was also another thread just yesterday where a user pointed out other terms that didn’t pop up. Hopefully the metadata structure of the menus will be improved in D4.

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You have to be on the Ties page already. The box at the top left-hand corner of the dialog only searches the page titles and subheadings, not every single term on each page. That’s not going to be changing in Dorico 4.