Laissez Vibrer

Hi - is it possible to have a single l.v. indication apply to a group of notes, possibly via a continuation line? I am trying to achieve playback of same using a sustain in the associated instrument. I can, of course, l.v. each invidual note and then hide but there may be a more elegant solution?

Many thnaks


For playback, I use a Pedal line and hide it. Or you can add the CC in the Key Editor.

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Thanks for getting back to me, Craig - useful to have another perspective on solving the problem - and I guess you’re confirming that there’s nothing further that can be done with the l.v.

I don’t think you can hide an l.v. in any case.

Hi Janus - in Properties (Playing Techniques) I found a “hidden” switch. It signposts the technique but nothing is visible in Print.


Can you post a screenshot? I can’t find a way to hide an lv.

What I did was:
In Write mode:
Add the l.v. to a note from Common Playing Techniques
Go to the Properties panel at the foot of the screen, second block along (Playing Techniques)
Move the third switch down “Hidden”

The l.v. turns into a signpost (which you can also hide, of course). Switching to Print shows no l.v.

Does this work for you?

Must be a D5 addition (I’m still on D4)

It’s in 4 too.

but I guess @MCDM talks about the playing technique TEXT and @Janus talks about the l.v. TIE.

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@Nukkul Thank you for the clarification (I’ve never used that route).

So that gives an answer to the OP. @MCDM Select all your notes at once, apply the LV playing technique and hide it.

Thanks everyone - really helpful.