Lame Encoder - latest Version

The Lame -Codec in WL9Pro is an very old version 3.98 ( older then 2011 ).
The current version 3.99.5 is since 2012 on the web. How can i use the latest version in WL9Pro ? Only copy and past the lame_enc.dll in the WL-folder is not the solution …

Why not updated steinberg this codec ? I think, this is a professional software ? :unamused:

Not an answer but … what is “wrong” with using the Fraunhofer?

An exceptional demonstration of artefacts:

Fraunhofer Lame

Both encoded at 192k with otherwise default settings, and I encoded a number of other files at the same time with no such effect (but it was repeatable with this one). Doubtless an example could be found to tip the balance the other way, but in any case the merits of having a choice are clear!


That’s bizarre Paul. Were those created in Wavelab?

I think LAME should be kept around and updated if possible, even if only for analysis and the Encoder Checker. LAME is still used by major online MP3 retailers for encoding afaik, so it should be a consideration I think.

Only copy and past the lame_enc.dll in the WL-folder is not the solution

Yes it should be. WaveLab does not use a special version.

Wow, that’s insane - you’d think something is broken in the encoder there! Not just the difference, but the utter awfulness of that FH example on its own…

Yes, WaveLab (though some years ago). The artefacts were repeatable, and occurred in no other file that I ever encoded that way. I simply have no explanation.

On reflection, the one distinctive feature (for me) is that it’s the only time I ever used the ORTF microphone setup, so the small spacing of the mics could produce some phase effects between the channels. Maybe that’s got something to do with it.


Once had similar inexplicable artifacts when comparing different versions of Lame for recordings of speech. In this particular case it turned out that an older version of Lame performed better than the most recent version. So, in response to the original post, it may not always be the case that the most recent version of Lame is the best version (in my humble opinion). In other words, and this is just my opinion, it’s probably the case that Lame version 3.98 is perfectly sufficient 99.99 percent of the time. If ever you hear artifacts you could try version 3.99.5 as a solution. But otherwise, of course, just stick to Fraunhofer.