LAME Encoder

I am using the Wavelab element 9.
And I am using the LAME for MP3 output.
So I checked output file using the MediaInfo.
The Version of output mp3 file is LAME3.98.4.
It’s old. Latest version is 3.99.5.(

I want developers to change Lame3.99.5 codec.

Sorry for the poor English.

Can confirm with the latest Wavelab Pro 9. Maybe there are other codecs in need of updating too?

You should be able to replace the file in WaveLab with another version you prefer.

Is it there under it’s original filename?

Flac codec: The latest version is FLAC 1.3.2
WaveLab9: libFLAC 1.1.3 (UTC 2013-05-26)

WavePac: The latest version is 5.1.0.
WaveLab9: Format profile : 4.07


The final 3.100 version is out :

How to install this in Wavelab ? Lot’s of folders once unzipped …"?