Lamenting the loss of undo while recording

I know it’s been a long time, but will we ever get this back? So frustrating not being able to comp/edit (with undo) existing tracks while recording…

I asked Steinberg about this here on the forum many years ago. Probably, none of the Nuendo users is engaged in real-time voiceover recording. It seems that no one needs to return the cancellation of deletion or editing of takes while recording!

Thanks Kigor. Nobody else? Why was this feature/ability removed?

I do - and i really would love to see a change there too!

Hasn’t the feature been replaced by History/Undo or Redo? That seems to work fine when Comping while recording and mixing.

fenderchris, we are talking about undoing editing actions DURING recording. Are you? Doesn’t work here…

Don’t know about you, but I tend to do one thing at a time, especially when recording. I like to focus on the recording itself, instead of anything else.

I also like the undo history. Tends to catch boo boos just fine.

Of course the history is great. It always has been. I’m just missing the ability (that was taken away) to undo while actively recording. For example: I need to work quickly when clients are paying big bucks for large string sections to record, so I need to be comping/editing/trimming/cleaning on the fly and that means editing during recording sometimes. But now, if I make a mistake editing (during recording) I can’t undo it. If I hit undo after I stop recording, Nuendo “undoes” the recording. (Not good!)

This is due to Nuendo making the recording the number one priority in the undo queue.
Since it is constantly updating, it is always “the last thing you did.”

So, really? Nobody else is editing / comping / trimming / cleaning etc while rolling?

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I’d like to see this feature come back too. Not as vital a part of my workflow as it seems to be for you - but I lament its absence nonetheless.


Same here, I tidy up other stuff while recording external effects, external synths from midi etc.

A possible improvement would be to place the active recording in a separate undo item. (After recording is done and if you ”touch” something else, the recording undo item can be moved to the main undo que. That would keep the ”branching”to a minimum.)

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would love to see this feature as well!

+1. Editing while recording has many advantages until a need to undo. Then one must wait until recording has stops to fix. Fixing at that point must be very careful. Undo without interrupting the recording would be a relief.

Why did it ever change? It used to bepossible to undo other edits during recording back in N3 and N4 etc… Why the change?