Lane behavior when flattening an arrangement.

God I am fed up with the way when you flatten an arrangement all the lanes get re-arranged. They are not the same parts that have been highlighted.
How does this help with work-flow? Grrrrrrrr
You have to erase all the takes that you do not want before you flatten or worse, painstakingly re-organise them again. That can’t be the intention. I was rather hoping this would have been fixed in the recent update.

Either that or I am doing something wrong. Which, by the way, would not be the first time.

+1 for some serious re-evaluation (regression?) of the new lanes behaviour.

A button to turn off auomatic control would sort out most of my problems. Also another button to defeat cutting all parts at once please.

I haven’t tried the arranger yet but I’ve experienced weird things just doing some normal or usual things.

But I’m sure it’s all being taken in hand for the next release…


Noone else has an issue with this?

Yes, this has been beat to death though, which is probably why no one else is jumping in. For the most part, I find this change to remove functionality instead of add it. So, I don’t use it anymore. I find lane recording to be hopelessly broken from a functionality standpoint.

Indeed, the ‘old’ lanes behaviour was smoother. It’s possible to work with lanes as they are but I can’t consider it an improvement of workflow for myself…