Lane behaviour when Flattening an arrangement

Is it my imagination, but when flattening an arrangement do the upper parts get prioritised in the lanes if they are shorter that the lane part that has been selected? I have just been working on a project where I have had to do quite a lot of tidying up and reselecting lane parts.
Has anyone else had this issue - has it been posted before? If it has I am sorry but I missed it.

I must presume that few others have experienced this behaviour?

I’ve not used it on Cb6 yet, not had the need so far but I will be eventually.

Are you saying it changes the audio which is played back? Or just changes the order of parts in the lanes? Either way, there’s been a lot of discussion about lanes and I for one would very happy if they put it back to the old Cb5 method!!

Could you provide a way to show what’s happening or isn’t happening in a simple project so we can test if there’s a problem?


Well there has been a lot of discussion and a lot of unhappiness!
What happens is that if you you have say, five layers of parts. You select the bottom one (the most recent). Now imagine that the first part (on top) is divided in to two parts or two halves. When I flattened my arrangement the top part second halve was highlighted instead of my preferred part. If you get what I mean.
It’s not fatal just irritating.

No other responses so far… And, sorry, I’ve still not been able to sit down and test this this week. Over the weekend I’ll give it a go to see what happens. I’m particularly unhappy about the lanes change because I use them virtually every minute I’m using Cubase! I’m still using Cb5 for my existing projects for that reason, and I’m not really using Cb6 for much yet, just a few gentle compositions so far.