lane / comp tool use

Hi all, really confused here about comp/lane procedure…would truly appreciate some help…neither posts or tutorials have landed on what I seek…I am on Cubase 9 and have recorded 5 lanes of acoustic guitar(constant finger pick) I make cuts in various places maybe 4 or 5 cuts in 2 bars, lane 5 for example, some possibly very small. I cannot find a way to drag across multiple contiguous parts and click to select appropriate parts in another lane. I have to use the comp tool on each individual part, very unhandy as for smaller parts to select have to zoom in…Also when I drag across a lane to make a cut with comp tool it cuts all lanes. have tried various combo’s on keyboard to select more than on event at a time to no avail…I must be missing something! Could someone shed some light? Thanks Danc


This is the main idea: You would cut it in the main main track. The cut is done in all lanes. Then you select by using the Comp Tool, which lane do you want to use in which part of the track.

If you want to cut something completely out, make the comping first. Then use the Bounce Selection function (or Render in Place) to get the final comped file. Then you can cut or use VariAudio on it.

Thank you for taking the time to help me as you have done for others here! Yes, I do grasp the overall concept of all cuts in the upper lane…the tool behavior so different from cubase5 where I came from recently. I had thought perhaps there was a box to check in preferences I was missing…So apparently not. May I ask: if there are two separate tracks with 5 lanes each can these lanes be edited in a folder track?
Thank you Martin, Danc


If you want to cut both tracks at the same places, you can use a Folder track and cut on the folder level. Then you will get the cuts at the same places for all tracks/lanes in it.

Thx for the help…now I know!