Lane comping: Is it possible without cycle-recorded-media?

Dear fellow Nuendo-users, I’ve got the following question:

Is it possible to use lane-comping without cycle-recorded-media, and with “imported”-media instead?

I’m mixing a project with close-mic’d violins where in one part the solo-violist breaths quite often a lot of wind in his mic, and I’d like to replace those parts with the D.I.-signal I recorded from his violin (a pick-up signal) , by means of comping.
When I open up the lanes of this solo-violist-track, and try to put the D.I.-signal-region in the second lane, it replaces the signal on the first lane instead of filling the second lane. Does this mean the lane-comping-function is only functional with media which was cycle-recorded on this particular track or am I doing something wrong?

Any help appreciated.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Should work.
Activate lanes on your track, and add the takes one by one.
Now they should be placed in individual lanes.
Then activate the one you need with the Comp tool.


Thanks Fredo,
on my portable rig it seems to work, but I tested it in a empty project.

I’ll check it on my studio rig later, but I think you helped me out already

Niek/ Amsterdam