Lane Edits from Cubase 6 Not Importing Properly Into 7

I just purchased the Cubase 7 Upgrade, and the first serious bug I’ve encountered when importing versions from Cubase 6.0.7 into Cubase 7.0.1 (both 64 bit versions) is that on individual audio tracks, my edits across multiple lanes are not playing back properly. Whether a track is soloed or heard in the context of an overall mix, the wrong segments are being given priority, and segments that should not be muted are being muted.

After I first encountered the problem, I went back into Cubase 6 and saved a version of the project without any plug-ins, and with all automation defeated. This made no difference when I imported that simplified project into 7.01 – the problem with the lanes persisted.

FWIW, these lane edits were done in versions of Cubase that go back several years – definitely before Cubase 6 existed.

Is anybody else having this problem? So far, I feel like I just wasted $200.
Since Steinberg has requested a step-by-step description of the process…

  1. Import otherwise-working Cubase 6.07 Project ((96k, 32 bit audio) with no plug-ins or automation) into 7.01
  2. Press Play
  3. Hear tracks with multiple-lane edits play back incorrectly.

Windows 7 64 bit
Gigabyte P55 Motherboard