Lane height will not be restored

No matter how you are sizing a lane, it will be re-opened with a 2-row-height. Very annoying.
Cubase is saving/restoring the main track height - why not the lane height? Bug or Feature?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select an existing track (audio or midi) or create a new one
  2. Press “Show Lanes” button
  3. Adjust the lane height to another value than 2 rows
  4. Save your project, close and re-open
    -> the lane height will be 2 rows

System: Cubase Pro 8 on Win 7 64-bit german

Yepp, same here!

Bump. Same in 8.5 :cry:

Bump. Same in 9.5 :cry:

Ohhhhhhhhh - its soooo annoying …