Lane recording / comping frustration (Coming from Logic Pro)

I’m using lanes to record multiple takes, then comping together a final part using the comp tool and that process is working great. However once my part is comped and I close the lanes, I’m getting frustrated with how cubase handles the track. There will be times when I want to edit this comped part further, be it slight timing adjustments, removing sections of a part, etc, but this process is frustrating as Cubase is keeping all my unused takes underneath the comped take! So if I want to adjust the timing of a section, when I move my comp, there is still audio underneath!!

So I need advice. What is the best method for lane recording and comping parts? Is there a step in this process I’m missing?

A work around I’m currently using is to render the audio in place once I’m done comping, and then disabling the original comped track incase I want to re-comp or make a double out of my remaining recordings at a future point. However bouncing in place on my system always takes at least a minute or two to complete (in a full session - empty test sessions are really fast - dont know why) and its a major flow killer. I come from logic where we had the option to “export take as new track” which would take my comped part and move it to a new track (which was really fast - no bouncing involved) or “flatten comp” which would keep my comp edits, but merge the comp down to a single audio file complete with these edit points which could later be adjusted, but with no extra audio underneath - which again is better than bouncing down as if I render the audio in place, the new tracks edit points can no longer be massaged.

Hopefully that makes sense. If not I’ll make a quick video displaying my situation better. Thanks in advance for your help and reply.

Hi, this may be a two step process…

Highlight the parts you want to flatten…

  1. Right click on any of the Lane(s) > Clean up lanes [this will remove any unused lanes]
  2. Go to Audio > Advanced > Delete Overlaps [this will compact everything to just Lane 1]

NOTE: there may be some areas which are still comped and muted, you may have to either delete manually or leave it as is.

Also you may want to use the TrackVersion function before proceeding. This way you keep the original messy version and the cleaned up version.

hope this helps. Cheers!!!

Thank you! I actually turned this process into a macro to make it easier. Man I love Macros in Cubase!