Lane Values not changing


I’ve updated to 4.1 today and am really liking some of the improvements (particularly the dynamics lane), they will help my workflow immensely. Just one thing: in 4.0 when I was modifying CC values in the lanes (CC2 and CC11 specifically) the value changed dynamically. If I wanted to draw a line from 60 to 110 then the value showed 60 before I clicked the start of the line. 4.1 doesn’t seem to do that - at least for me. Once the line is started, then the value comes live, but not till then. It’s a minor thing, but it means that I have to guess where the line starts then if I get it wrong, re-adjust it with the pointer. Is there a setting to turn it on that I’m missing somewhere?

No, there’s no setting – I’m afraid it looks like this is a little regression that has been introduced in this update as we’ve been reworking the editors. We will make sure this makes its return as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!