Lanes! Audiowarp and other things.

OK. been trying to get on this forum for years. My account is blocked somehow. I am a fully paid up owner of 7.5 . MY dongle is linked to an account which I can not access or retrieve a password for. Because apparently it doesn’t exist.
I have reported this numerous times over the years with out any help from staff. And who ever runs your FB page doesn’t like answering technical questions. I really hope I can get some answers to questions here… anyway

I use cubase on a daily basis and have a ton of questions.

First one is about the lanes.

Great feature… But I hate the fact that, when the lanes are ‘closed’ showing just the final comped take, cutting deleting and moving the edges of the region, automatically removes a region underneath. If I delete a section of the ‘master’ lane I want it to delete the regions for every lane in that area. If I edit a region to make it smaller… i don’t want little bits of audio sticking out from other lanes. Is there any way to customise this so it performs how I want?

Q2. Can I change the default algorithm of the audiowarp tool? Better yet … can I set up some kind of macro or template so that any audio recorded on to a certain track has an algorithm of my choosing selected by default? I like the standard ‘plucked’ alg on my guitar DI tracks and it’s a pain having to select it each time.

q3. Is there a way I can duplicate a track but have it not duplicate the recorded audio?

q4. when I add a new group or fx track. I usually want it to be inserted below whatever track I have selected in the project… But it always inserts lower down in the groups or fx section. Is there anyway to change this?

Lots more questions but those will do for now. xx

Feature requests in the other forum list are what you really need and some things have already been requested so you can just add your thoughts.

+1 for Q3 & Q4 from me, that’s for sure.

Q1 - not sure what you mean, but there’s no way to change the behaviour here I think

Q4 - not easily that I know of, there’s one default in the preferences and that’s it. However, you could conceivably create two macros, one which sets the default warping to one style then another which sets it to another style. Just got to remember to run the right one of them (via 2 shortcut keys say) before you record a new take. It might work??


thanks for that

It’s a shame they don’t take time to properly add in features. the audio warp stuff could be great but it’s full of problems.

like … how on earth do I select an alg for a whole drum group? And if I want to remove audiowarp for a small selection of a folder (i.e drum group) it seems impossible. the whole track is effected.

i’m going to have to buy protools soon… but it’s the pain of getting up to speed on it. i’m really fast with cubase having used it so much. seems to be getting left behind by other DAWs a bit simply due to poor usability

I’ve got PT as well, but I’m not a power user of that app at all. I do notice though from watching people who use it day after day that I’m actually way faster in Cubase because of the comprehensive keyboard shortcuts that I’ve set up to suit most of the editing work that I do! But some things are better and some are worse, yes indeed.

Back on topic… Yes, the warp method is associated with the clip in the pool, which is then used on the timeline in the project as one or more events. It’d be nice if the algo could be over-ridden for the events but it can’t be.

However there are a few things to note. First, you can duplicate clips in the Pool and this doesn’t duplicate the Audio file but does allow you to create separately editable Events on the timeline. So, you can have two clips in the Pool pointing to one single Audio file but using different Warp methods.

You can do this quickly and easily for an event on the timeline by copying it then right clicking and selecting ‘Convert To Real Copy’. This automatically creates a dup clip in the Pool which is used by the event you just copied. You can now change the algo for that clip (using the InfoLine or the Pool) and it won’t effect the others in your project. That’s pretty much what you need I’d say!

To change the algo for multiple parts on the timeline I think you can select them and find the algo in the InfoLine, then change that. OTTOMH I’d say that they’d all change then.