Lanes behaviour - a solution

Like many Cubase users, I can’t use 6 till they sort the lanes thing out. Here’s my rather neat solution for Steiny.

  1. Keep the lanes the way they were in cu5, so you can cut all the lanes together by selecting them all before you cut if you want (as it is now in cu6) or you can cut them separately as you could in cu5.
  2. Have a new ‘bring to front’ tool in the right click tool box. This would have the same function as clicking the lane in cu6, so it would mute all other segments other than the one clicked by the tool - ie. exactly the way cu6 works now. Maybe it could be the same tool as the mute tool, but with ctrl held down or something.

This would easily give us a choice of how we all want to use lanes, and would mean both parties would get what they want!! Nice eh?

Please bump if you like it, Hopefully Steiny will listen…

here I’m so happy with how they did it than your suggestions will kill all the benefit of the lane use. :unamused:

having to select all lanes before cuting, so as having to select a specific tool to “bring to front” … I’m so happy not having to do that anymore !!

and as your are happy to have to select a tool so often here is how you can find your happyness :

  1. with scisor tool you can cut only one lane if you want. As it is very rare I want to do that, I’m happy that by default all lanes are cut. (with arrow tool and alt keys, all are cut)
  2. mute all events on lane, then your “bring to front” tool will be your “mute” tool, to unmute theses…

my suggestions will maybe not work for you, but yours definitely don’t for me… :smiley:

So far I am delighted with the new lanes so would be very careful about suggesting improvements. Having said that, I have already been in a situation where I needed to snip individual lanes and had to resort to making copies of the events and resizing them before repositioning them where the cuts would have been. This came up where Lane 1 was a full take and Lane 2 had a few versions of the start, one after the other, which I then wanted to snip and stack over the start. It was do-able but I wish I could have temporarily disabled the snip across all lanes.

So I think that’s support for your point 1 but in other situations, such as comping BVs, the new snip-across-all-lanes feature is a big help.

I’m not sure about your point 2 - doesn’t it now do just that? It seems to be much more flexible than before, once you get used to which order you have to click things in.

Hi. ‘1) with scisor tool you can cut only one lane if you want.’ …how? Curretly you can’t just cut one lane, which is a big problem for MIDI users. Midi users don’t use lanes in the same way as audio comping ones do.

Unless you can cut one lane somehow? Please explain how…

How about a simple switch on each track, to toggle between the new mode and the old mode?

What could be simpler than that? Then there’s no need for any extra tools, or to change your workflow.

A toggle switch would be good, but I like bits of the new system, like the click to front idea, I just think we need to the option to slice individual lanes. Say if they put an alt + scissor tool option for slicing individual lanes.

If it was just an either/or cu5 vs cu6 toggle, you wouldn’t get the benefit of both systems. :bulb:

PS. I know this topic has been covered a lot, but if we keep banging on about it, then maybe Steiny will listen?