Lanes Blacked Out in Cubase 9.5.10

When I select SHOW LANES for an audio track, the track gets blacked out. Then if I record multiple lanes, only the selected lane displays so it is virtually impossible to COMP the multiple takes.
I saw some posts under the General Forum about possible issues with certain graphics devices.
I have Intel HD Graphics 3000. This was working fine with Cubase 9. Don’t really want to change hardware just to get this feature working!!


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Safe mode start solved in for me - then it happened again - Cubase picked up preferences from an older version of Cubase. Support help has a way to stop this.

If Safe Start helped, trash your Cubase preferences. You can do so from the Safe Start dialog.

How do I run Safe Start Mode?


I tried Safe Start Mode and the same problem is there. No difference. Any other possibilities to find this problem?

Do you have previous Cubase version installed (9, 8.5…)? If yes, could you try to trash all preferences (rename these preferences folders)?

Martin, Thanks for your efforts on chasing this down. I looked for any “PREFERENCES” files or folders and found NONE! I assume these would be in the PROGRAM FILES/STEINBERG/Cubase… folders. Nothing that looks close. I even searched my whole drive and found nothing named “PREFERENCES” related to Cubase (some preferences related to iTunes, Microsoft Office, etc.).

Any other suggestions?


Try to search Google. :wink:

%appdata%Steinberg there are Cubase 9.5_64, Cubase 9_64, Cubase 8.5_64 folders. These are the preferences data in. Rename them to _Cubase 9.5_64, _Cubase 9_64, etc.

Thanks again. I renamed the folders as suggested and still get the same results. I did notice that Cubase created a NEW folder “Cubase 9.5_64”. I think that gives me confidence I’m in the right place! Also tried again the Safe Start option to disable preferences.

Any other thoughts?

Yes, you are in right place.

Could you share a screenshot, please?

I’m having the same problem. Here’s a screenshot. Also, when I unfreeze a track the same thing happens.

Screenshot in Cubase 9.5.10 is here

Screenshot in Cubase 9 is HERE


What graphics card so you have, please? NVIDIA?

My computer has Intel HD Graphics 3000. It has been working fine for earlier versions of Cubase. In fact have seen no other issues on Cubase 9.5.10 besides the LANES!

I have a feeling now, it had to be somehow in the graphics area. But I run out of ideas.

I am having the exact problem also. I updated today to Cubase 9.5.20 with no improvement. I started in safe mode with no improvement. It appears the blacked out section of the non-active lanes is the same size as the active lane - in other words, if the active lane is a shorter than the other lanes, only part of the inactive lanes will be blacked out.

Could you share a project, please?

I just upgraded to Cubase Artist 9.5.20 and still have the problem. Was hoping that might fix it. I called support last week and they were escalating the issue to the Software Developers. Have not heard any news since then.

There were some reports I saw that thought the problem was possibly related to the HD 3000 Graphics Adapter. That is the graphics adapter, would you happen to have the same adapter?