Lanes Collapsing when I touch them with a tool

Hi -

Comping some vocals, I like to have the lanes open tall when I use the comp tool (I use the “Z” key command). I am in awe of the comping tool!

The main problem I’m having though is I find that every time I drag over with the comping tool to make that blue region thingy, the other lanes collapse to a small height (which is basically unusable). It happens almost all the time (not quite all the time, though :confused: ). It happens whether I hit shift, ctrl, alt. And it happens with using the object selection tool as well.

Is there something I can do besides re-opening up the collapsed lane(s) with virtually every use of the tool? I can keep working like that of course, but if there is an easy answer I’m missing somewhere, that would be great!

Thanks for any suggestions -

Have you maybe got Enlarge Selected Track enabled?

Thank you so much Split! Although I just shut down and walked away, I remember I do have that activated in my preferences. So much for making life easier!

I believe I will turn it off, and just do a quick “Z” to make a selected track bigger. The thing that threw me is that in other circumstances, holding a modifier key (Shift, etc.) can allow 2 tracks to be bigger at the same time.

It’s these “little” things that can be so irritating sometimes - thanks again, Split!

Yeah, I remember I tried It for a while, didn’t get on with it and switched it back off.