Lanes comping system - please allow original behavior

I am so frustrated with the new lanes system:

  1. Parts seem to mute and unmute on their own accord. I can’t seem to keep the proper parts muted without fear that my mutes are going to just change. I prefer to control which parts are muted on my own without any assistance.

  2. Every time I want to slice one event, it slices all of them??? When I record vocal performances, sometimes, the singer improvises certain sections - so the vocal performances are not always identical. In this case, why would I want to slice at the same place every single time on every single event??? I can see that occasionally I might want all events sliced at the same place… but there should be a modifier key to do that. It should not be the default for every single slice!

  3. Lanes multiply to huge numbers of lanes just because of slicing. The more I slice, the more lanes get created. I could potentially have a part with hundreds of lanes because of this bug. This is insane…

Anyway, I can’t believe what a mess this new system is. I really hate it. I miss the old way so much… please bring back the old system - or at least make it an option.

I Agree !

Vote to have option in Cubase preferences either to switch lines system as in previous versions or this new way.

Best Regards,