Lanes different colors

The way I record takes for a vocalist is using “lanes”. Quick, easy and comping is awesome. However, I always have to manually color each lane a different color to make it visually easier for the client when reviewing takes. Take 1 is yellow, take 2 blue, etc. Makes for a quicker process to choose the best segments. In one of Dom Sigalas’s Cubase videos he records 3 takes of guitar. Then opens the lanes AFTER recording,and they are ALREADY colored differently. Are you able to do this? I can’t seem to figure out how and I’ve looked through preferences and color setup. How do you tell Cubase to use a different color for each consecutive lane? The preferences seem to only be applied when adding new “tracks”, not lanes. Ideally it would be wonderful if I could designate which colors to use for each consecutive lane.
Take a look here at 5:28 in his video.