lanes fixed

Hi does anybody know if you get the( lanes fixed ) function with artist 6 Iv’e just installed it and it dosen’t mseem to have it. Thanks bbj. :confused:

what lanes fixed function?

At the top of the track list is an arrow in a box. Click it and choose Setup to see if it’s just hidden. If so, choose it to show. If not it’s not a feature of your version. I looked at the comp chart, but it doesn’t say yes or no.

Hi Mashedmitten, Tried to locate arrow in box,clicked everything I could see ,found one set up window by right clicking the icon on the coloured part where you can name the project,but I couldn’t see any options for lanes fixed. Many Thanks bbj.

In cubase 6, there is no more “lanes fixed” :frowning:
They can no longer be set to “fixed” or “auto” like they were in C5 and earlier.