Lanes in Cubase Elements 6?

Is the lanes feature available in cubase elements 6? I’ve watched some tutorials online but I still have no idea how they are getting different lanes to appear. Any help getting this feature to work would be much appreciated.

Cubase essential 5 didn’t have lanes and cubase elements 6 is a downgrade from essential 5 so it would make sense if there are no lanes in elements 6. Don’t take my word for it though, I haven’t got elements :wink:

The “Workflow” table in the Feature Comparison chart shows a full feature symbol at “New scaling tools for Automation and Controller Lane Editing” for Cubase Elements 6.
This makes you think Elements 6 does contain controller lane editing. Would be a bit pointless to have the scaling tools for something that isn’t there :laughing:

I don’t have Elements but in Cubase 6 you can create a new lane by clicking the little + on the left of the horizontal scrollbar in the key editor.
Or right click the horizontal scrollbar and choose “Create Controller Lane” in the key editor. Don’t know if it is the same in Elements though.

Edit: Check from p. 265 of the Operation Manual. All about the how’s and lanes in Elements :wink:

I don’t know whether or not (haven’t found it explicitly stated) but various information seem to point at Elements NOT having the feature of lanes.

The Cubase “family page” indicates that only 6 and Artist 6 have the functionality:

The Operation Manual included under Elements support downloads contains a chapter titled “Working with tracks” as opposed to the Cubase 6 corresponding chapter “Working with tracks and lanes”.

I won’t deny what you are saying simply because I don’t have Elements. The only thing I can tell from the manual is that it looks like Elements should be able to use lanes because there is a reference on several pages to it (e.g. 265, 269).

I would suggest to the topic starter, just hit Alt/option-L and see what happens.
CC lanes are essential and I can’t believe SB would leave them out of Elements.

Yeah, I do not have Elements either, and was merely looking in the Operation Manual for Cubase Elements 6 from Steinberg’s support downloads, as opposed to the OM for Cubase 6 (which is some 6 MB larger).

So if you’re looking in the OM for C6, then I don’t think the information apply to CE6, and the example pages 265 and 269 in the OM for CE6 are about (MIDI) controller lanes.

Ah okay… my bad, I thought the TS meant MIDI controller lanes.
In that case ignore my posts.

No,there are no lanes in the project window in C6 Elements.