lanes in cubase elements ?

Hi, I don’t see an easy way to work with lanes in Cubase elements. I am guessing there isn’t a lane feature in this version. I am missing something ? Is there an alternative ? or maybe it change the feature name?)
Does Cubase artist got the lane feature ? and last but not least, I don’t find a way to making a online software update from Elements to Artist, it is possible ?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

I’m not seeing a way to access lanes either. I used to use that quite a lot with SX2 that I had before.

In the features line up stacked recording is not a feature available in Elements. It is available in Artist.
Cubase 7 Version Feature Comparison Chart_English

The upgrade is $200 USD which kind of sucks since Elements is $100 and Artist is $250 to buy out right.
Purchase Cubase Artist 7.5

Maybe if you purchased recently you can get them to give it to you for $150. Adobe did that with me when I bought Photoshop and realized that I needed the full design suite. I called them and they gave me the upgrade for the cost difference between the two. I think that happened within a couple months from my original puchase. It is worth a try by contacting them. The worst they can say is NO.