Lanes in Elements 9?

The manual p 497 shows several lanes and details how to open them but this doesn’t appear to be implemented in Elements 9 Is this correct? If not how do I access the lanes? I’m using Steinberg Symphonic Orchestra
W10 i7

There are no Lanes in Elements, see comparison chart (Recording & Editing section):

I’m wrong…see below…

I think OP is asking about Controller Lanes, not “Lanes and Comping: Advanced tools for recording and assembling perfect takes.”

You’re right of course.

In that case, yes, or rather no(?) Elements does have these Controller Lanes and they can be created/accessed as per the manual page that the OP refers to.

Open the Key Editor for the Instrument Track you’re interested in. To start off with by default you’ll probably just have a controller lane for velocity. To add another Lane click on the “+” symbol near the bottom left of the Editor window. Change the Controller Lane to the control you want by clicking on the downward facing triangle and selecting that controller.

Thanks for this attention to my concerns.
Yes, I was asking about Controller Lanes. I have been through the sequence you mention and that the manual outlines, and what I get is one choice ‘Velocity’, the default.
Is there some integration with the Orchestra that I am missing? The expression menu there seems to be have the same list as the lanes that I need.

W10 64bit i7

What happens when you press the “+” then? As a default the new lane may indeed be “Velocity” but you can then change it to what you want (hover over the “Velocity” heading and a menu should appear to allow you to select another controller).

Works fine on Symphonic Orchestra tracks for me.

Ah Hah that’s it. Weird that the the documentation doesn’t apparently give any info on this!

Could you say something about the expression menu on the Orchestra interface? I haven’t benn able to figure out what it does/is for.