Lanes issue - cannot solo lanes together


Would there be any reason why lanes cannot be soloed together?

Was this an oversight by development or it will be corrected in a new version?


In my view, lanes are versions of the same content, so I have never a need to listen to more than one at the same time. That’s why in the comping system you just select material from different lanes to create a ‘best of’ track. AFAIK, the solo function is there to listen to one take, irrespective of which selections of it were used in the comp. If you want to solo more lanes at once, export them to tracks and do so there. No oversight or anything to fix.

I agree with Arjan, the whole idea of lanes is that you only play 1 at the time, so there’s no need to solo more than 1.

I guess that there’s just one voice for each track, so you can only play one sound
at a time on each track.


I’m using MIDI and building up a guitar part string-by-string, note-by-note.

I should not have to mute parts in place of solo.

Please Steinberg consider this.


Even if u would be able to… The audio material would “steal” the voice
each time so you’d still be hearing only one signal.

Why not go the whole way with mute/solo buttons on each lane?

You can compare this to a sampler. There you have a maximum of 128 voices for each instrument which makes sense when you want to play a polyphonic instrument. When you want to play monophonic you limit the number of
voices to only one voice. Now the voice is “stolen” when you play a new note while you still hold down the
key that you triggered the first with. The (mono-)audio tracks in cubase are like a monophonic instrument which means
that you only can hear one voice at a time and that there’s a priority of the part that is in front of the other.
So if’d put a sip-solo-function to the lane-tracks you’d need to be able to set the voices for each track in Cubase to hear at least more than one of them
which would change the usual behavior of the audio tracks.

Right but in the context of an already soloed track, it would be an enhancement in my view.

Depends on the size of the project and the rules that are set for the stealing of voices.
I guess it’d be causing issues when e.g. there was one voice for each lane track and they’d
have priority. I guess it’s way more complicated than we think.

True it is but when you have been composing something years on end and you hit a workflow “blockage” you immediately want it removed and you know that Steinberg are your people because they’ve done it every other time.

Many, many times SB have opened the door to new workflows that I rarely use but inevitably they assist others and I am always happy for the “audio guys” to have improvements in the way they work (kind of like my affection for newbies) so as a MIDI programmer I’d like to see some real improvements here as well.

Basically, I think folder/lanes should be fully merged with additional functions for audio such as VCA faders, groups and multi-out VST’s of which the latter was promised back when Chris was a mod.

Well, I only use the lanes to comp recordings.
I don’t see why I should have e.g. VCA-Faders there which would
mean that there’d also be another automation track for every lane
that you can toggle from a lane. I’d lose the oversight.

But maybe you’re right and I just don’t get what you’re in need of
right now.

Best regards.

It’s a culmination of FR’s over the years.

I’m not saying every function should be available in every context but Steinberg being the king of DAW world, in my view need to develop an all encompassing system for tracks, which are the basic building blocks of a project, not petty things like track presets.

Having said that I would like a preset that encompassed multiple outputs for the VST Rack.

Yessir! It’s annoying to be forced to activate each one of them.
I agree with this. :wink: