Lanes Issue?

I have just started using cubase 7.5 and I use lanes a lot with my work.
It appears there is a bug with the lanes whereby if you move audio into different lanes, sometimes the lowest/bottom lane is not taking priority.

It’s too difficult to describe this step by step issue so have made a quick screen capture video showing how one section of audio stays the active one whether at in the top lane or the bottom.

Anyone else noticed this issue?
I’ve thought about if this deliberate or is a changeable preference for this version of Cubase, but I can’t figure out how this could be.

Lanes operation/behavior has changed in the more recent versions of Cubase. You should be using the “Comp” tool instead of moving lanes up and down.

Yeh they messed the whole lane thing up but to be fair when they realised a lot of people were using them to store takes rather than comping they fixed them again but it is a bit confusing. Thing to do is use the hand tool to turn them on and off, if you start using the mute (X) then it gets very confusing

I see. I work with voice overs a lot which aren’t usually compable in the same way song takes are, so this new way really screws up my v5 way of working fluidly. Thanks for the help figuring out it’s not a bug though!

Not a bug… Still, sometimes I wish lanes were just normal events that used only mutes and fades. The “bottom priority” (gone in newer versions), or even the new comp tool and “active parts” can be really confusing and frustrating sometimes.

Yeah, over the years I have developed a really good and fast working method which isn’t really working so well now, which is kind of annoying. And yes, most of my comping work doesn’t fit into the straight comping theory because it can often include improvisations or a mix of different vocal phrasing which I need to sift out as quick as possible.

But if you get an errant part which won’t become active when it’s at the bottom you can also select ‘move to front’ and that sorts it.

I’d like Steinberg to bring back the ‘bottom takes priority’ option back!