Lanes nameable, audio to group (auto routed + add tracks)

Hiya, could you make it so Lanes are nameable and mutable.
Also I thought an Audio track could have multiple lanes now but I don’t see where to enable it or if it exists.
But having lanes non comp mode so all play through the track would be sooooooo dam useful and save having to route all through groups.
The new options to auto route are great but it is more organized sometimes keeping stuff in lanes on a track all using the tracks fx’s and also helps speed up the creativity part and good for live looping.

If not then ability to duplicate track to group, so when a track is all setup, their is no need to be saving and reloading settings, or dragging things form track to track.
So being able to say right click a vocal track, then convert to group track, then it comes up add addition audio tracks, which then would make a group track with all settings form the vocal track. Then make the current track blanked settings, then route to the group channel and add any of the additional audio tracks and route them to the group.

The amount of time and usefulness that would have for most peeps.
Most probs just duplicate a track to use same settings again but this adds uneeded cpu and audio usage.
Plus the option makes grouping, routing and stuff simpler for all, which makes it more accessible to all, which makes more sales, and makes cubase cheaper. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe add both them options, I’m cool with paying for an update with extra options like this, I actually though you could do lanes on audio tracks now but don’t see it.

Would be nice if on audio tracks that lanes can be made comping mode or not, if this is possible could someone post how?