Lanes not working, Not preserved from previous sessions/versions

I use lanes a lot for comping tracks (vocals, guitars mostly) since Cubase 6.5 or 7.5.
I tried out version 9 and all of my sessions from version 8.5 had the lanes incorrectly “translated” when opened in version 9.

For example if there were 5 takes and I chose a certain phrase of take 3 for your comp in the session from version 8.5…
when opening the same session in version 9, i would find that same phrase from take 3 muted or the wrong phrase from take 2 or 5 audible instead.

This error occurs in all of my sessions (when opening in version 9) regardless of how complex my comps were in version 8.5.

I operate an i5 quad core PC, a 2012 Mac Pro, and a 2017 Mac Book Pro. I experienced these issues with the PC… I don’t see a need to install version 9 on the Macs yet.