lanes on midi/instrument track

hi Steinberg, can u pls guide me as to how can i get my different takes on lanes on a midi/instrument track. i can see my takes under lanes in a audio track.

say i try to record after 1st lap it says take 2 n if i take a 3rd lap it still says take 2, then when i stop n click on lanes i dont see the takes under lanes.

i have selected new parts, stacked option,cycle on under transport panel but i dont see the takes of midi/instrument track when i click on lanes. it all comes on a single event mixd while recording.

If you turn on the Lanes option and right-click on the lanes, you can select “Clean Up Lanes” and then should move each MIDI Event to it’s own lane.

thanks for the reply Chris. As in audio my takes just come one below the other n not mixed but in midi and instrument track it dosent. i jus did as you said but my recording is coming mixed on a single vent, not in lanes. i dont c my different take under lanes, is it a bug or a setting that i’m missing.

What version and build of Cubase do you have installed?

Once you turn on Lanes for the track (and do the Clean Up), then any new recordings should go to a new lane. Again, doing the Clean Up Lanes option is key if you did not originally record with the Lanes turned on for the track.

hi chris thanks for getting back. i’m using cubase 7.5.2 ( 32 bit/ win 7 OS).
did that but no good.

Can you please post screen shots of what you see on the MIDI track with Lanes on, and what you see when you attempt the cleanup? Thank you.

i saved the screen shot on ms word but i cant attach it here. any emai id i can send to. thanks chris.

PM Sent

I think the issue is with the MIDI recording mode. Since you’re working in a Loop, please go to the MIDI Record Settings in your Transport Bar. Select “New Parts” at the top, then “Stacked” at the bottom. These are the settings I have in mine to create separate parts count up the lanes.

Posting here in case others are curious.

Thanks for that info, Chris big grin