lanes rating !

Lane rating is very good .
When you do 20 takes you don’t always remembers witch takes are good . be able to write a note on each take is a very good workflow improvement !

picture on protools :

The full SOS article :

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No one for this ?

And i wana add , be able to comment lanes .

Like this lane was off beat , this one got a good groove , On this lane you hit the microphone …

Be able to comment the lanes , Because when you do 10 lanes it’s not easy to remerber witch is witch …

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This is SIX years old…and it’s STILL not in the software? This isn’t any complicated audio programming or anything

I think most folks color-code the clips when comping to keep track of what’s what. I usually use the red/yellow/green traffic colors with additions if necessary If you need more extensive notes you could use the Track’s Notepad.