lanes trouble

hello im noticing that when i say import an audio file onto a track, than import another audio file onto the same track both audio files are on the same lane. In my previous cubase 6 version it would automatically move the second audio file onto another separate lane.
Another issue i am having is if i record midi in a loop, when it loops it records over the recorded midi file instead of creating a new midi file on another lane each time it loops which is what i want,
Is there a setting to fix this?


I think it only uses a new lane if there is any overlap. If not, I am not sure.
For the MIDI, check your MIDI recording modes. Stacked or Keep History is what I think you want.

even if there is overlap its not copying onto a new lane. every audio file i import copies over to Lane 1. if there was say a setting to prevent files from overlapping on the same lane would be great. Regarding the midi issue, suggestion to change to stacked fixed that, Thankss