Lanes unavailable on Audio recording

Hi all,

I am running Cubase 6.
I just installed the latest upgrade 6.0.6(on my Mac with Snow Leopard).
Since then, when recording audio, the ‘Show lanes’ button is missing.
Button is still present on MIDI channels.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
(I’m a computer numpty, so please be gentle!)

Simply right-click on the audio track and select “Track Control Settings…”. A window will pop up with two sides, ones for “Visible Controls” on the left and the other with “Hidden Controls” on the right. Make sure you move the “Lane Display Type” over to the left side of the window. Click “OK”.

Notice there are more options that can be hidden or displayed for all different track types. You can access the different track types from the same window by choosing the appropriate one on the top left corner of the Track Controls Settings window.


Excellent. Thanks for the reply, I knew it would have to be something simple I was missing.

I’ll give it a try tonight.


In addition, it’s also possible your track height is not big enough.