Hi folks!
I need drag and drop all clips from track to upper track on the Lane 2(see screenshot). WHen I drop it on Lane 2 it moves on the Lane 1.
How to drop it exactly on Lane 2.

Shift+ up arrow

Doesn’t work
Shift+Up = group selection. It don’t move regions.

I though shift and drag would do it.

“When I drop it on Lane 2 it moves on the Lane 1”. with shift or whithout

Sorry! I guess that’s a key command that I created, not a stock one. Look for something like “nudge” down and “nudge up” in the key commands setup dialog and assign them something. (I used shift + arrows.)

I don’t think you can do it - it always goes to lane 1.
Drives me nuts on a regular basis.

You absolutely can do it. I’ve been doing it every day. You just have to set a key command.

Go to Key Commands / Nudge / Up
and Key Commands / Nudge / Down
and set up a key command. (I use shift + up arrow and shift + down arrow…)

Then back in the project window, select the clip and use the new key commands to move the clip from one lane to the next…
(This won’t change where Cubase “automatically” drops my clips dragged in from other tracks. But once the clip has been dragged onto the correct track (but wrong lane), I use the key command to get the clip onto the lane I desire…)

Graveley, I think you’re missing the point - we know you can move clips around the lanes!

What you cannot do is take a clip from Track A, and place it directly on Track B lane 3 for example - it always jumps to lane 1, even if there is already a clip there.

When editing and comping there are lots of occasions where this becomes very tiresome!

There’s no practical reason for it to work this way, it’s just a flawed part of this feature thats never been corrected.

Ah. I see. Sorry. My bad. I guess there’s currently no way of skipping the step of having to move it to the desired lane after dragging it to the desired track. Just curious: In what scenario are you needing to do that very often? (Usually I’m comping audio in lanes on a track where the audio was recorded in lanes on that same track. Like vocals or even multitrack drums (in folder) for example.

Even vocal punch ins and cycle recording I’m still recording onto the track where the audio is going to end up (ie. adding more lanes.) Occasionally I’ll want to steal a great sounding vocal phrase from a vocal double (on a separate track) and use it to replace a line on a on my main vocal comp track. That’s when I need to put it on the appropriate lane in my main Vox comp.

Just curious what you’re up to? - And why you’d be recording something on one track when it is going to end up on another very often.

Open up LANES in Copy of Vox.
Then take the portion which resides in LANE 1 of Copy of Vox and drag it to LANE 2 of Vox.
you would get intended behaviour.

When working within LANES, always open up all the LANES of the intended tracks then do whatever that needs to be done.

Doesn’t work!

When you drop the portion onto Lane 2 of Vox, it will JUMP to Lane 1 as soon as you release the mouse click.

You then have to manually move it to Lane 2 - an extra unnecessary step!

Watch the video… shot off mobile - no sound.

I’m still on C8.5. Unless something is broken…