Language bug ?

I have english cubase 7.0 instaled. When i want to choose output on my track it writed links rechts under the stereo output instead of left right . I guess thats german :confused: . Is this fixed in the update that have been released ? Havnt instaled it yet

There is “Right” in my Cubase 7.0.1. It looks, it was fixed. But I can’t confirm, how was it look in my Cubase 7.0.0 version before.

It was a bug in 7.00 - fixed in 7.01

Not here it ain’t! (C7.0.1, W7, all 64-bit) But it’s happened to me before and I fixed it then…

Found it and here’s an ancient post about it:

In short, you go into VST Connections (F4), delete the offending buses (Stereo In and Out only in my case) and recreate them. Now you have it in English (or, presumably, whatever your system is set up for). Just tried it, works here.