Language Compatibility


First off, I’m really happy for Daniel and his team for getting to this stage in development and I will be looking forward to the new software.

I was curious how compatible Dorico would be with non latin-based languages in terms of lyrics and other text. I know in the other software the “Add Lyrics from text” plug-in didn’t work with Korean. Also, when manually inputting Korean lyrics, I would have to press the space bar twice in order to move on to the next character. How will Dorico work with foreign languages?


We will be working on CJK support for lyrics very soon. It will work much as it does in Sibelius, i.e. you’ll use one hit of the Space bar to close the Input Method Editor (IME) after choosing the character(s) you need, and then hit Space (or indeed hyphen) to move on to the next note.

In general, Dorico fully supports Unicode and all of the various IMEs, so you should be able to input text in any language, provided you have fonts that include the necessary character sets.