Language of emotions

language of emotions, epic score, an experiment, by yours truly. (select 1080p for playback)

what do you guys think?

Nice emotive piece of music, thanks for sharing :wink:

Hey, Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Wow. It’s really good.

Hi MusicalExperiments, I was wondering what library you used. It sounded pretty good. Liked your piece.

Nice track
I like the quiet in the early parts and how you started it again
the ending doesn’t conclude the piece and seems to go on. was that on purpose?
the strings are nice but could do with a little treble boost IMHO
good luck,

[eli.lester] Thanks :slight_smile:

[Early21] CINEMATIC STUDIO STRINGS , Cinematic Studio Strings – Cinematic Studio Series
and thanks I am glad you liked it…

[Masoomi] since it’s an emotive soundtrack type of thing, I felt a fadeout would be enough, I guess, I could have ended it differently. but thank you so much for listening and thanks for the feedback.