Language support

Hi Daniel, you said on another thread:

“…I’m afraid we will only be looking specifically at keyboard shortcuts in the languages into which we are localizing the user interface, which does not include…”

I was just wondering, would it be possible (sometime in the future) to have ALL Dorico’s Object texts properties (ie. Ok, Yes, No, Cancel, Menu, File, Open, Close, New, Form (Windows & Dialog Boxes) Captions etc. etc.) listed in an editor. We can then enter our OWN language equivalents (not changing the defaults obviously) and save it. I can then enter Afrikaans (MY language) in the editor next to the English word for example: Ok = Ok…Cancel = Kanseleer…No = Nee etc. in the editor and Dorico then saves it in an XML format. I can then give the resulting XML file to all my South African Dorico users who speak Afrikaans…the same with Zulu, Xhosa etc.)…just like Google and Windows. This is an excellent way of customizing Dorico in any language on Earth!

I suppose this will require some extra work because the text properties of Dorico Objects, list boxes, combo boxes, Forms (Windows & Dialog Boxes) etc. can thus not be hard coded but filled by means of a variable. Quite a lot of variables or variable dimensions (“Arrays”, if they still exist). I don’t remember, but do Command Buttons still have an autosize property? Some Zulu words may be much longer than an English word ie “Cancel” is “londoloza”…I think.

Will be great, though!

I don’t believe we have ever opened up any of our products to this kind of community-based localisation effort in the past, and I find it a little hard to envisage for Dorico, but of course it would be possible to localise Dorico into further languages in the future, if there is sufficient commercial benefit to doing so.

No, of course, it’s not a train smash if this is not done. I don’t see any security risk. It’s more like how we are allowed to create our own Keyboard shortcut preferences while keeping the defaults intact in Sibelius.

I have seen software with this ability (Total Commander, for one, comes to mind), but one has to edit a text file manually.

It, also, will not degrade the “image”, “smartness” of Dorico. Notwithstanding the fact that there ARE people (other than those you provide for), that do not understand English, it’s will be great if Software companies include this kind of functionality in their software…why not? The software is still the same but now I have it in my own language.

It always amazes me how only certain languages are “favoured” above others…and it’s always the same ones as if the other ones are not important or cares for. And, the beauty is, Steinberg don’t even have to do the work. It’s the same effort as those who write Plugins or Sound Sets.

Still, I can understand English, so, it’s NOT something I suggested for now but hoped for in “A long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away…” :slight_smile: