Lap external hard Desk Top- NO AUDIO

I saved multiple projects form my lap top to an external hard drive. When I open the project from the external hard drive in my desk top there are no audio files. The entire project opens including automation, and all tracks, but there is none of the recorded info in the tracks. It’s not that it won’t play, it’s just not there. Please help!

check your output settings if you moved it to a different computer

press F4 for outputs used and check which ASIO driver you are using

If the tracks are empty, you didn´t copy the actual audio of the projects, but probably only the project files.

ahh sorry…

the audio files are not in your project folder so what you need to do is go back to your laptop - open up your project - go to Backup project to new folder - put it on your ext drive - then you should be ok.

also remember that some instruments like battery etc you must save the drum kits etc also