Laptop broken and e-mail problem - license cant be reactivat

Dear Steinberg Support,

My Laptop after years of hard work has broken and I was using it with since I was a Nokia user (yeah I know… nobody is a nokia user anymore)… and I was using na OVI e-mail account that was shot down last march.

My problem, I have in my hands my software e-license but I can create a new account and use it, and I cant restore the license since there no way to recover my password.

Could you please help me to activate again my account and get in use my Alesis Multimix8usb2.0fx ?

I have some urgency about it since I am going to recorder a band next friday!

Thank you very much,

Another thing, since I can’t add my licenses I can’t get support by e-mail, I am from Brazil and purchased the alesis in 2012 in UK. PLease urgente help is needed. Thanks