Laptop/Cubase/no soundcard

Evening all

Sorry for the title as it may be misleading, was not sure what to put.

I have a question that may be easy to answer.

I own Cubase 8 with a UR842 soundcard. Now I record and mix on a laptop (16GB i7 quad with 2 x SSD drives) which is pretty powerful and stable.

I bought a laptop for one reason, so I can sit out of the studio working on various elements (effects, drums etc). Now obviously when I unplug my UR842 I have to now rely on the inbuilt sound using the ASIO4ALL drivers.

Is there a better way that will retain the input/output settings so I do not have to change them or is the only solution to use Templates under VST Connections.

Would be great to have a Virtual Soundcard that mimicked the UR842 outputs.

Just seeing how you guys cope generally.



I’m not aware of a smarter solution than VST connections templates…
I feel your pain. It’s been a while since I used Cubase on a laptop but I’ve been through the same.