Laptop guidance for Cubase

Hi All,

It’ll be time to splurge on a new laptop soon, primarily for running Cubase 12. As it’s been a while since I bought my current machine, keen to get views on best practice/issues as below. Most results I’ve found online are a few years old now and I’m after the current thinking (C12/Windows 11/newer chips etc):

  1. Because of the supposed issues running Cubase 12 with Intel gen 12 or 13 chips I’m considering going AMD (for the first time ever). Is this the general wisdom? There is the thread here: Issues with Cubase and the latest generation of Intel CPU’s?
    … but are people in general seeing this problem occur?

In general though would an AMD be better than Intel, assuming on Intel some cores are ‘wasted’ as efficiency cores rather than performance, and I’m assuming on AMD they’re all ‘performance’ cores(??)

  1. I’ve seen reference to Cubase working better on laptops without a separate graphics card/GPU - what are people seeing with respect to this?

  2. How is Cubase 12 making use of multi cores these days and how should I let this guide my choice of CPU (assuming AMD)? (i.e. if it’s restricted to a certain number of cores, can I go for a sweetspot and not overpay for unused power?)

  3. Anything else I should be considering? I want a laptop rather than a desktop for portability reasons.

Many thanks in advance for impending wisdom…

I have an i9 3900K + Win11. No issues at all. I’ve disabled cpu parking but that wasn’t really necessary, (and not related to the article you mentioned anyway)…

The info on the sb site is misleading tbh.

Then again, I’ve always gone the Intel route. Never been a fan of AMD.

I prefer HP machines. I use a Z Book but there are plenty of options suitable:

Outdated info about Intel issues, it works fine.
Don’t want another debate, but AMD is out for me.

It is worth it to pick the latest 13th gen i7 or i9 for better efficiency (less fan noise).
Some 14th gen are expected in ~4~6 months if you can wait, but not a big issue if you need to go with a 13th gen today.

I prefer the HX series, but it means a bit heavier laptop usually.
Some ex.:

One small (not so) detail: pick a laptop just large enough to have a numeric keypad - quite convenient with Cubase.
Having a touch screen (to mho) is more a nuisance than an advantage because it makes the screen too reflective.
Recommend 32 GB DDR5, but 16GB can be fine for smaller projects if budget on a pinch.
Integrated GPU is also fine if not a gamer, but then push for 32GB+ DDR5 because the iGPU will waste some of it.

Please keep us posted of your findings.