Laptop Minimum Specs (Live Rig)

It’s difficult to find trust worthy info. Maybe you folks can help me.

What are the minimum laptop requirements (drive speed & processor) for a live Cubase6 rig, loading these instruments?
Alicia’s Keys
Scarbee Black Bass
Kontakt Whirly
Kontakt Brass
Kontakt Sax Section
Kontakt B3 Organ
Musiclab Real Guitar
You get the idea; load all bread & butter instruments for the night and go.
I know I’ll need minimally 8g ram.
Would a 5400rpm drive work or is 7200rpm or ssd necessary?
Will a core i3, or i5 do the trick? Or is a core i7 the only practical option?

Any advice would be so helpful.


Aloha r,

Been using a laptop live every weekend since SX3.
Using NI/SampleTank/HalionSonic plugs.

1-minimum 13" display
2-minimum 8g ram
3-7200rpm or ssd hard drive
4-i5 or i7 processor (my Macbook uses a core 2 duo with no probs)
5-24 bit audio I/O device.

(hope this helps)


It does, {’-’}. Thanks
There are $300 i3’s all over the place. Anyone use an i3 for the heavy listing?