Laptop noise in speakers

Dear Forum,

a few days ago I got a new Laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro-16ACH6; Windows 11) and installed Cubase 12. Since the I have been getting weird hissing noises and pops, while recording and playback making it impossible to work. That never happend before on my old laptop.

It happens with different Audio Interfaces (Tascam Model 12 and Behringer UMC202 HD) and only when Cubase is open, otherwise no audio issues while using them with windows. I already tried every solution that was offerd online from having the same sample rates, increasing the buffer and changing the energy settings of windows. It should definitly not be a problem of computing power, since it also happens in projects with one audio track. I have reinstalled cubase, reset all the settings and am feeling at the end of the line.

I am really happy and thankful for any tips or hints for what else might be the issue <3

Try doing this:

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Please better describe your setup.
If, for example, you are connecting your headphones to your laptop directly, it’s “normal” (or let’s say “expected”) that you will hear hissing noises etc. You should/must connect headphones to your USB interface.
Also make sure you mute all unused inputs.

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Hi thanks for the input, I went through @Pedro_G List and tried everything including downgrading my entire Windows and going through like 10 different Audio drivers, but I am pretty sure now that it is a problem inherent to my Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 16ACH6 (and other similar Models from Lenovos Ideapad Series) which multiple people have mentioned online.
This problem has not been fixed yet so I will just get a different Laptop now and hope for the best.

Thanks anyway for the help also to @Y-D!
Good music making to all of you :))