Laptop Number Pad Key Commands

Hi all

Not sure if I am missing something, but the standard 0-9 key command for tools can be operated using the main keyboard on my laptop but are not working on the number pad on it, but things like nudge, start / stop, loop etc… work.

Anybody have any ideas???

The number pad works as expected in all other programs btw…

I’m guessing Cubase is seeing your number pad as if they were the numbers on the qwerty keyboard.

Go into Key Commands and put your cursor in the Type in Key field. If you type 2 using the number pad it should show up as “NUM 2” and if you type it in using the qwerty is will show “2”

Thanks Rodger, will give it a try. What is odd is that I have had this before on C8, when sometimes it works, sometimes not (not on this laptop though). I am wanting the number pad to work in the same way as the main keyboard. Reading your explanation though I see why it would read it differently.

Will let you know.