Laptop with UltraWide monitor

Is anyone here running Cubase on a laptop connected to an UltraWide (specifically 21:9 Aspect ratio, 3440 X 1440 @75Hz) monitor?

I’ve inherited such a monitor, but my current PC isn’t taking full advantage of the viewing width (and at 60Hz, isn’t too clear), so I’m looking to purchase another. I’ve spent the day browsing the forum (and couldn’t find an exact answer), researching on-line and speaking to tech guys, who suggest a Surface Laptop (USB C with an adapter)…I’m wondering if this will give me the resolution and refresh rate: they aren’t too convincing.

My monitor has HDMI, HDMI2 and DP inputs.

I’d much rather get a small (14 inch or so) laptop without a touch screen, but if nothing’s suitable, then I’ll look into a desktop.

Any advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


I have heard that if you want to use an external screen you should disable your laptop screen to have a chance to obtain better settings on your external screen.

have you tried that with your current laptop?

someone once explained that this was due to some power saving reasons etc, but ofcourse the results would depend on what hardware you have in your laptop.

Brilliant! That worked perfectly. I now have crystal clear graphics and smooth scrolling across the full monitor, out of my old laptop.

Many thanks Glenn.