Large cubase project is unstable


I’ve got a midi-only project that I’ve been working on for sometime, that is now >60MB in size. There are hundreds of midi tracks, routed to internal instruments and VEP hosted instruments on other computers. However, the problems persist even if the VEP instruments are not connected.

It is very unstable, periodically crashing when adding instruments (for example trying to load a Kontakt multi).

Is there any way to copy the contents of the file to a new Cubase project, and preserver automation, expression maps, etc., to see if there is a problem with the existing file?


If you post some system specs maybe we’d have an idea.
Initially it sounds like your computer has been overloaded by too ambitious a track count.
Hundreds on any DAW is asking for trouble.
(but we know Ableton can do it :mrgreen: )
Nice try to get all the instruments in the world on one track though. :mrgreen:

Sure. It’s an i7 2600k, 16GB of RAM, running Windows 7 64-bit and Cubase 6.05 64-bit. Latest drivers for the MR816.

95% of the midi tracks are routed to instruments hosted on 3 slave PCs via VEP5.

I’m going to try moving the locally hosted instruments into a local VEP host, to see if the project performs any better with no instruments inside.

Does the track export function preserve expression maps, etc? In which case, I might try that as well and see in the resulting cubase file is smaller.


For what it’s worth, I’m also doing large projects (100’s of MIDI tracks driving Vienna Symphonic, etc. 15-20 minute cues) and Cubase is holding up well. I have 75% on a 16gb Win7/64 machine, 25% on a second 8gb Win7/64 slave machine that also has Sony Vegas hosting the video as an MTC/SMPTE slave (Life has been much easier since I stopped trying to have Cubase also play the video. For one thing, video crashes–which I virtually never experience with Vegas–don’t also take down my entire Cubase project. Cubase Elements also works as a video slave on a second machine.)

I think I might also try a ‘binary search’: save two copies of the original project. In the first copy delete the first 50% of the tracks. See if its stable. In the second copy delete the second 50% of the tracks. See if that’s stable. Based on what that tells you you can further subdivide these two copies–rinse and repeat.

Sounds like the way to go to check the system. I can’t help thinking that you’ve got so much going on that sooner or later you’ll run into problems that are not easily traceable at least once in a while.
Heck, just Cubase alone has a lot going on anyway.
You’ve got Cubase, VSTi/FX, secondary machines, third party plugs on top of the tracks. One hell of a tracking job.

I’d start with the last 5 or 6 operations you last did with that Project.

Knock on wood, things have been stable today - as long as I don’t open the File Dialog in Kontakt. I can load new instruments through the browser, no problem. But as soon as I open the Kontakt file dialog, Cubase crashes.

I’m going to try reinstalling Kontakt over the next few days, and see if that solves the problem.

The primary PC is sitting at an ASIO load of 30-40%, with almost 7GB of RAM free.

So not sure what’s misbehaving with Kontakt, but everything else seems to be working today. Knock on wood.

(I did an export of all the midi tracks - the XML archive is over 200MB, and re-imported into Cubase and that CPR file was still north of 30MB, with no buses, effects, automation, etc. So I guess, I’m just going to have to baby this project file, and take small steps on everything).

I have seen several threads citing Kontakt problems over the last year or so. It might be an idea to visit their support site or forum to see if there’s been any new developments or driver improvements either already here or any on the way.

If using any 32bit plugs, the bit bridge might not play nice with them.

Yeah, looking into Kontakt 5.02 - as that was the most recent update.

No 32-bit plugins, took them all out to see if any were causing the problem.