Large latency connecting midi-keyboard on USB

Hi! My new device (m-audio keystation 49 mk3) no have midi out. Connecting USB port appears latency. Settings audio interface is correct. My system is Windows 10, 64 bit. Do you know how fix it?

P.S. Keyboard and audio interface connect to PC on USB.

This will be your audio interface and not the keyboard. The latency from midi over usb is not worth taking into consideration. You will have to drop the buffers on your audio interface to get latency down. How far you can drop them depends on your computer and the interface. You can get to the panel through audio settings in Cubase to see and change your buffers. Depending on your audio interface your buffers will give low latency from the lowest setting up to about 128. Higher than 128 and you will start to notice latency.

Thank you!
I know about buffer size. I have a crackle in my project using buffer 512.
Maybe it’s because of many tracks and VST or PC configuration.
P.S. I have no crackles in empty project.