Large Midi Rig

How are Steinberg users handling larger midi rigs?

I have a bunch of older midi synths (with midi ports, not usb ports) that I’d like to wire up to my new Win 7 computer. I have two midex8s from my old XP machine. Is my best choice for good timing to use the midex8s, or are there better solutions for hooking up many hardware synths?


Well, I am using one Steinberg Midex8 with a couple of old JLCooper MIDI patch-bays (a 16/20 and one which is 8/10 and has manual routing knobs for each MIDI input). I don’t know what your definition of a “larger MIDI rig” is, but I’ve got some MIDI keyboards and rack modules (enough to fill up the path-bays and there are still some unused devices). I’ve used Cubase since before it was called Cubase, on Atari.

BTW, I am not sure that two Midex8’s can be used together on one computer. I read somewhere (in the forum here) that people have had problems with setups involving more than one Midex8 device. So I would check with the forum and perhaps with Steinberg Support before committing, if this functionality is important.

I use 1 Midex 8 on W7 64-bit and it works great. Never actually tested the latency but I can work with it :wink:
Like Steve said though, no guarantees you can use more than 1, but I suggest you try and find out for yourself!