Large, narrow time signatures with November 2.3 music font

I’m trying to use large, narrow time signatures with the November 2.3 music font.
Current settings are:

Music Font: November2
Time signature design: Narrow, serif

All I see is a big empty box like this

Thanks for your help!

I think that the November font doesn’t have those glyphs. You’ll need to make sure that Bravura is listed as a substitute in your Font Styles > Default Music Font.


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Thanks for the reply.

I have Bravura listed as a substitute in the font styles, but the time signature is still missing.

You may need to set the Time Signature Font to use Bravura.

Thanks benwiggy and Daniel,

It looks like November does have large time signature glyphs (see the clip from the 2.3 documentation below).

I found a solution by adding these glyphs to the Time signature (plain) in the edit music symbols dialogue. A bit tedious, but works for me.

Not sure if there’s a better solution to this.