Large Project might be corrupted ... best way forward?

Hi - I’m getting weird behavior on a large project, and I’m starting to think after troubleshooting the project itself may be corrupted, in a way I can’t really understand. So I’ve started wondering how to bring all the files over to a brand new project.

The project has MIDI (no note expression, just straight MIDI tracks), audio, stock and 3rd party plug ins, and stock and 3rd party VSTi’s (VSTi Rack, not Track, use here). Sends, inserts, etc.

Any suggestions please on how to continue working, but in a brand new project, with the minimal amount of hassle?

Thanks very much -

The audio is in the audio folder so you could just import it into a new song.

You should export the midi.

After that you could try and reduce the workload on the computer by rendering fx and freezing plugs etc.

OK, thanks, Tacman7.

It’s the routing and inserts, VSTi’s that seem like the biggest headache.

As it turns out the project was OK, so the question is only academic now. But I can see it would be a nightmare to rebuild a project step-by-step.

It might help to back up the project to a new folder. It only brings the files you need and might clear up some glitches.

Good idea to save backups of the song at different stages so you could go back if it gets to where it won’t open any more.

That and a good naming scheme so you can tell what’s going on with your audio files.

You are using a folder for every song?

I use the same folder for incremental backups so it would have access to the same files.

What I do is back the project up to a new folder, delete the old project and back the backup back up to where it was in the beginning. That eliminates any files you don’t need and just shakes the barnacles off. Sort of like defragging your project.