Large project sluggishness (solved)

Hi all,

I’m working on a new project that’s fairly large. Right now it’s sitting at 738 tracks, 4320 used audio files, 103.54GB total size of audio, several VIs, several plugs, and lots of grouping. I’m using a UR824 with a Mac Pro running 8 cores, 3ghz with 64 gigs of ram. Most recent drivers and firmware.

The problem I’ve run into with this project is that whenever I try to do anything that changes the project structure, such as adding/deleting tracks, activating/deactivating tracks etc., Nuendo would hang up for large amounts of time. For example, deactivating a single track would beach ball for almost 2 minutes. Reactivating would take the same. This also happens if I change the output of a track. But the Mac processor load wouldn’t even hit 25%.

However, simply playing and editing the audio files would cause no problem whatsoever.

I deactivated Direct Monitoring in the Device Setup. Now my wait times are down to approx 5 seconds to make such changes.

Just FYI.

Darren “Directly Monitored” Ingram